Bill Slantz

I am not a Democrat OR a Republican —I am a Libertarian.

I believe in a limited government. Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and accept responsibility for the choices they make. The Libertarian way approaches politics based on the principle of self-ownership — no group, government nor individual should be allowed to dictate or direct the life of any other group, government or individual.

I’m running for US Congress Missouri CD2. 

If elected, I will immediately propose legislation to dissolve these three departments and their agencies:

Department                                                                 Total Budget
Department of Health and Human Services $879,000,000,000
Department of Labor                                               $138,000,000,000
Department of Homeland Security                   $122,450,000,000

3 Department Summary                                         $1,139,450,000,000

Share Per Taxpayer $15,777

The ONLY social media site you will find me on is GETTER –  @BillSlantz