Bill Slantz

I am not a Democrat OR a Republican —I am a Libertarian.

I believe in a limited government. Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and accept responsibility for the choices they make. The Libertarian way approaches politics based on the principle of self-ownership — no group, government nor individual should be allowed to dictate or direct the life of any other group, government or individual.

I am a candidate for

Missouri Lieutenant Governor

If elected; I will immediately propose legislation for the following:

Lieutenant Governor Abolition:


You know us.  We can’t get government small enough.

I tell people that if they want smaller government, get on board with us.  If we start getting government too small, then hop off.  Our train won’t be moving fast.  It’s very hard to undo government.  That’s a train that just won’t stop.

If you think we need a Lt. Gov., then maybe you don’t want to vote for me.  But you should know that it is possible to get by without one.  In these times, we’re learning to get by without lots of things.  There are several states that don’t have Lt. governors.

The only constitutional duty of the Lt. Gov. in Missouri is to vote if they want in case of a tie in the state senate and to fill in for the Governor in case of death or disability.

All the other duties, except one, have been added by the state legislature.  Looking at Lt. Gov. Kehoe’s website, it seems they’ve made the lt. governor quite busy sitting on boards and commissions.  In one case, as I read it, they’ve made the lt. governor quite powerful, allowing that office to decide with the governor and one other party to put Missourians in debt for public buildings without a the need of the state legislature.

Board of Fund Commissioners RsMO 33.300